Support OLR Add-on for Google Slides

Support for the #OrganicLearning-Resource (OLR) Add-on for Google Slides

This Add-on helps to create the structure of an #OrganicLearning-Resource something like an “interactive Mind Map” in Google Slides also known as “Interactive presentations”.

An example of an OrganicLearningResource can be found here:

To start, the user has to install the OrganicLearningResource Add-on. Once it is installed there will be some tools on the respective menu. The three tools subdivide a specific slide(the main one) into a number of new ones which will be automatically interlinked with the main one through a “Back Button Icon”. Graphic elements (Shapes with text inside) will randomly be positioned on the main Slide as links to each new respective slide. In this sense, the main slide will be the “Mind Map” and the new slides the different content sections of it.

There are three ways to do this at the moment:

1) By choosing a Drawing from Google Drive to be used as “Back button” to the main slide.

2) By choosing an Image from Google Drive or uploading one to be used as “Back Button” to the main slide.

3) And the third one is by writing the URL from an image on the web to be used as “Back button” to the main slide. Notice that the link has to end with a valid image extension (.png or .jpg).

Have a look at our tutorials (EN & ES):

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